Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Pretty Girl and Handsome Boy

Bunnies have been a huge part of my of my life for the past 10 years. My bunny fever started out when I decided I wanted a pet and I thought a bunny would be a quiet, unobtrusive and easy to care for pet. My first bunny, Bunnicula, would show me just how off base my assumptions were! I never imagined how much personality and sass one bunny could possibly have. Nor would I have thought I could have become so attached to what I thought was just a simple bunny. But Bunnicula snorted, thumped and nipped his way into my heart and I couldn't be more grateful. Unfortunately, this past spring Bunnicula passed away due to old age. I'm glad I could spend his last few moments with him and despite the fact that I am still pretty sad about his passing I know that he is with me every time I go out and work in my herb garden where he is buried under the azaleas.

That said, it has taken me several months to decide that it was time to add new bunnies to the family, but I finally took the plunge and have adopted two English Angoras who are sweet as can be. We name our little Ruby Eye White girl Alice after Alice in Wonderland and Martin after Martin Van Buren because J thinks the hair on his face looks like Van Buren's side burns. I'm so happy to have bunnies in my life again and it makes it even better than I can spin their fur! Yay bunnies!

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