Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I did something impulsive yesterday. Something that completely goes against my nature as an MBA. Something that I'm sure has made my father, who has always commiserated with me about my mother's lack of business planning in her own ventures, roll his eyes so far back into his head that you can see nothing but his eye whites right about now. But I did it anyway, for better or for worse.

So, what is this wild thing that I have done? Well, I am now the proud tenant of Studio #145 at the Mellwood Arts Center. I now have a place to spread out all my fiber-y goodness! I will now have a place to work on my batiks that I so love!

That said, I will be moving some of the fiber-y things to a new page under the name Solstice Fiber Arts Studio. Once I get things up and running I will be posting more information. I am hoping to have a Grand Opening to coincide with the March F.A.T. (Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop) on March 24th.

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