Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tomorrow is Planting Day!

Really hoping it gets a bit warmer than today! We have so much to do tomorrow! Plant the spring garden, finish our seedlings, get the chicks ready to go outside and get things ready for the replacement batch that will becoming in the next couple of weeks to replace all those we lost during our chick-tastrophe. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Homeschool? Homeschool!

Jacob and I have often tossed around the idea of homeschooling our son, but now it looks like it will definitely be a reality, at least for the next few years. We love our local Waldorf school, but the way their early child after care programs are set up it is a logistical nightmare for our family. Will would have to be bounced around to three different caregivers in the course of the day. That's not including us. That's insane. So, it looks like no Waldorf for now.

I decided to check on our location tuition based public preschool options to see if they are any better. Nope, not all. They are all in the east end except for one which is in the west end. We live in the south end.

So, it looks like it's going to be homeschool for now. Thankfully, I've been researching curriculum packages since before Will was born and we are very fond of the Oak Meadow curriculum which incorporates many of the Waldorf teaching philosophies in their program. Looks like I will be placing my order with them very soon! This ought to be interesting!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Chicks Have Arrived!

With only 3 casualties. Of course two of them had to be the two Crevecoeurs that I really wanted! Ah, well, McMurray will make it right I'm sure. They're pretty good about that kind of thing. In the meantime look at these little fuzzballs!

No Chicks!

They are lost in the mail and despite the fact that I had a rather interesting tour of the back of our main post office I'm pretty bummed that no one seems to know where they are. I just imagine them peeping away lost and lonely in some remote corner of some far flung post office somewhere. Or even worse, I fear that they are at home on my front porch right now freezing to death.

Monday, 13 February 2012

No chicks yet!

Well, I called the post office this morning and once the poor confused postman figured out I was talking about chIcks and not chEcks we determined that they had not yet arrived. Super worried about the little buggers! However, he did say that when they get chicks, not checks, that they are super careful to make sure they stay good and warm. Keeping my fingers crossed!

In other news, I've been working so much on my new studio that I haven't had too much home time, but this week is going to be devoted to three things: Chicks, Bunnies and Seedlings! I'm also hoping to get some pictures up of these things since I now have a new laptop to download pictures onto! Yay!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hoping To Avoid A Chick-tastrophe!

Well, wouldn't it just figure that our chicks would hatch and ship on the coldest day we've had all winter! Looks like I'm going to have to have the heating pad and oven on the ready in case I have to revive cold chicks! Keep your fingers crossed!