Saturday, 28 April 2012

Healing A Sick-A-Roo

Well, we made it through the night. His fever broke at some point, but his stomach is still sour so I had him take a bath to clean off the sick and a fixed him a soothing pot of mint tea. .

I just love that I can go out into the back yard and pick as much mint as I want. I really love this variety and I wish I could remember it's name. It always has such a fresh minty taste instead of getting that weird and rubbery smell when you cook with it like some mints do.

Since I am using fresh whole mint I always use a generous amount just to make sure it's enough. Fresh herbs don't pack as much punch as dried, so if you're using fresh herbs make sure you adjust your amounts accordingly. I also don't use a a tea ball or strainer when using fresh herbs because they rarely come out of the tea pot which makes them a bit easier to deal with than dried tea leaves.

While the water for the tea was boiling I quickly got Will through the shower to wash off the bed gunk that inevitably comes with being sick. Then he got a fresh pair of jammies and got to go in the dining room and pick his tea cup off the shelf.

Here he is all washed up and clean with his tea just before going back to bed to rest some more. I'm hoping the mint will settle his stomach a bit. I added a bit of honey to the teapot as well since he hasn't had much to eat lately I'm hoping the sugar in the honey will give him a bit of a boost. 

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