Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Green Bean Delivery

I am so in love with Green Bean Delivery that I just have to tell you about it! We've been getting our produce from them for about a year and a half now and they have been such a great service to have available.

They provide produce, meat, dairy and other groceries from many local producers and other items as well that have pretty much our trips to the grocery store few and far between. I check my meal plan on Monday morning, figure out my ingredients, put in my order and we receive our delivery on Tuesday. It has been a huge time saver for us and is a great way to ensure we are eating as much as we can from local producers.

They are also amazing at resolving any problems with your order! This past Tuesday they forgot to include our goat cheese in our box and I failed to send them an email about it because I've been so busy. On Thursday I came home to a big green box on our doorstep! Without even having even been notified they went to the trouble of bringing out a 4oz log of goat cheese! Pretty amazing customer service if you ask me!

And now you can get in on the Green Bean action, too! From now until June 17th Green Bean is holding a new member drive. If you sign up between now and then you will get $15 off your first order! Just go to their website at:

They provide deliveries to the Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis and Ft Wayne areas. 

And if you'd like please include my name Chelsea Niehaus in Louisville as your referral and I get a discount too!

Happy Green Beaning!

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