Friday, 18 January 2013

Plants for Trade

This morning, in the quiet early hours that are the signature of winter, I came up with an idea. Every year I always try to start enough seedlings so that I can sell a few as well. It never works out well for me. This year I'm going to try something a bit different and I hope that maybe you will join me and make it into a movement.

This  year, instead of selling my plants, I am going to offer them for trade. Not just any old trade, but a trade for a single vegetable from the plant that you took. I am going to set up a table in front of my house with plants and growing instructions and ask that the person who takes the plant bring me back a single vegetable when the plant begins to produce. Any vegetable that is brought back will be used to create a dish to give back to my neighbors. In doing so I can introduce my neighbors to gardening, help provide them with a bit of fresh food and in turn give back again when they bring me back a vegetable.

I am going to set up a page with some buttons to take if you'd like to participate and please feel free to pass this along as well so that we can get other folks involved too!

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