Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday Rundown

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great week!

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the business lessons I learned. This past week paying attention to those lessons and not throwing in the towel paid off and I had some really awesome Airbnb guests!

One was in town for the Cyclocross World Championships. Not only was he an all around nice dude, he was a real trooper, too. He went with the flow when we had to shelter in the root cellar due to tornado sirens. Thanks, M!

The second guests this week were a couple celebrating their anniversary. One lived in MO and the other lived in TN and they were meeting in the middle here in Louisville. I didn't get to spend much time with them, but was glad to host. With Jacob being in ND, I sympathize with them being so far apart from each other.

So, all in all I'm glad I stuck it out despite having had a rather negative experience a few weeks ago.

In other news I'm plugging away at the e-courses. I've formatted the first day of the Urban Farm Planning E-Course, only 6 more to go! Phew! I should finish the 50 Things List tomorrow. I think the Family Rhythm E-Course is going to have to be postponed a while and may even be released as late as the end of the month with the 50 Things For The Planting E-Course.

Finally, Will is back from his grandparents and we had a ball today playing in the snow at the park. I sure do miss him when he's gone.

So, all things considered it's been a great week! Let's you and I make this next week great, too!

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