Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday Follow Up

Happy  Valentine's Day, friends! This week has been a bit of a dud as far as accomplishing anything blog or website related. In fact, I end up wasting a day reformatting the HootSuite auto posts for the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Urban Agriculture website and for my Beauty of Batik website also. Apparently, the links weren't correctly formatted, so none of them worked. D'oh! Live and learn I do suppose!

On a lighter and more fun note, Will and I also spent Wednesday evening making Valentine's for Will's class. They were pretty simple, but I think they turned out okay.

However, I am proud to say that last week I was able to finish up the 50 Things To Do For The Resting Season and I transferred some of my knitting patterns into PDF form! Hooray! In case you haven't already, go check out the list or check out the patterns on FREEBIES page of our website. An you can check out the list by clicking on the button below. Please feel free to share it, Tweet it and post it on Facebook!

So, despite my lack of doing much this week, next week I'm going to buckle down and finish up the Planting Season list and hopefully the Urban Agriculture E-Course. Wish me luck!

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