Saturday, 23 February 2013

Whew! What a week!

My apologies for not posting anything this week, but it's sure been a wild one! Thankfully, today is the first day of a week vacation from my 9 to 5! In addition to getting lots of rest this is what I have planned for the week:

1. Finish the Urban Agriculture E-Course

2. Finish the 50 Things To Do For The Planting Season List

3. Work on my batik book and e-course for

4. Plant our spring raised beds. 

5. Butcher the dinner rooster who has been hanging around too long and is now bullying my pet   rooster. (#urbanfarmproblems LOL!)

6. Finish my taxes. (Bleh.)

7. Spend lots of time with Mr. William Roo Who. 

I think that sounds like a full week to me! 

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