Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Healthy Me In 2013- Saving Dinner

After a week of being sick and ordering take out meal after take out meal, I decided it was time for a change! Out with the junk and in with the good stuff. After all in order to be truly healthy, one must east healthy first, right?

One of my favorite ways to take control of meal time is with freezer meals. Before Jacob left for North Dakota, once a month we would put together our dinners for the month. After he left I got out of the habit and I wasn't sure if I could do it all on my own, but this Sunday I decided to give it a try. With a little help from the Saving Dinner website, I was victorious and this is what victory looks like:

One full month of freezer dinners!
I've tried to put together my own freezer menus and bought several e-cookbooks dedicated to freezer meals, but nothing stuck until I found Saving Dinner about a year ago. Really, this site is awesome! I have used both their weekly menu mailer and I also own all of their freezer cookbooks and really both the menu mailers and the freezer cookbooks couldn't be easier. I cannot recommend them enough!

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The cookbooks and the menu mailers all come with a shopping list that is grouped together by grocery store section and really easy to follow recipes. There are also a ton of menus to choose from including paleo, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian. We usually do the paleo menus, but next month I'm going to try the gluten free recipes as well. If you click the banner above you can even sign up to get a free week of recipes!

In addition to my dinners from Saving Dinner, I'm also going to be focusing on raw foods during the day using Leonie Dawson's Radiant Goddess Program that I've talked about before.

I'm only a couple days back on the healthy eating wagon, but I'm already feeling much better!

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  1. I love creating frozen meals. At the very least, I buy vegetables and fruit in bulk - and what I don't use quickly - I freeze. Makes it easier to throw together smoothies and/or stir fries and/or soups.