Sunday, 28 December 2014

Goal Setting Sunday - 12/28/14

Last week I decided to dedicate each Sunday evening to setting and reviewing my weekly goals. I think that this week I will print out a copy of this post and pin it to the fridge so that I can see it and remember what goals I set. 

Here are my results from last week's goals. 

Last Week's Goals

1. Christmas baking on Tuesday.- Done!
2. Do one reiki session for my husband on Friday. - Didn't do. Sorry Jacob!
3. Christmas presents wrapped on Tuesday. - Done!
4. House cleaned by Tuesday night. - Didn't do on Tuesday, but it got done eventually. 
5. Shopping finished on Monday night. - Done!
6. Banks and bills on Monday morning. - Done, except the fact that I tried to pay one bill out of the wrong account and overdrafted. Womp. Womp. I'll remember to check the next time bills are set for autopay. 
7. Return all correspondence Monday afternoon.- Still haven't done. I am truly terrible at this! Sorry to anyone I owe a response!
8. Christmas cards sent on Monday afternoon. - 3 lefts to send. 
9. Enjoy this time with my husband and don't get too rushed. - I think we did okay!
10. Make it to the gym Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.- Didn't do. :(

This Week's Goals

1. Return all correspondence by Tuesday morning. 
2. Do one reiki self session.
3. Finish my Life and Biz workbooks for 2015. 
4. Put all Christmas decorations away. 
5. Get Will signed up for after care if school office is open. 
6. All laundry put away by Monday night.
7. House cleaned by Tuesday morning.
8. Gather Will's school items Sunday morning. 
9. Meditate at least once. 
10. Finish Christmas cards.

If you are inclined to set your own weekly goals go ahead and post them on your own blog and leave me a link in the comments. Next week we can review our goals, report on our acheivements and then set new goals. Let's help hold each other accountable!

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