Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Waldorf, Handwork, and Rebirth

It's been nearly 5 years since I've posted to this blog. I feel like I've lived an entire lifetime in those few short years. We sold Walnut Cottage in early 2016. Since that time all the land around it has been bought up, the houses torn down and new developments have gone in. Mostly car lots. Yuck. While I desperately miss those days in the gardens and with the chickens at Walnut Cottage I am grateful for having sold it when I did. I really don't enjoy the idea of having a car lot for a neighbor.

As sad as the fate of Walnut Cottage may be, I am afraid that I have even sadder news. In early 2018 Jacob completed suicide while serving in Syria. I can't even begin to explain the situation, but suffice it to say the kids and were and still remain devastated.

In April the kids and moved to Tucson where we are getting along quite well. I had been teaching online, but found a handwork teacher position at the local Waldorf charter here and I am beyond overjoyed about it!

While our lives have changed dramatically a few things remain constant. Waldorf, handwork and gardening. I miss writing about those things. I don't know how I can transform this blog into something new, but I plan to do my best. Walnut Cottage 2.0? Nah, that sounds silly. But maybe something else...I wonder...

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