Handwork Patterns Bank

As a Handwork Teacher at our local Waldorf charter school, I find it very easy to find out what Steiner's suggestions for handwork projects and very difficult to find actual patterns to fit those suggestions. As such, this list is a compilation of skills and patterns for all the projects that we do at our school. This is, of course, a work in progress and will be updated as I compile each pattern for each project.

Finger Knitting

ÿ       Lucet
ÿ       1 Finger
o   Bag Draw String
ÿ       2 Finger
o   Bracelet
ÿ       4 Finger
o   Jump Rope


ÿ       Cast On/ Bind Off/ Knit Stitch
o   White Washcloth
ÿ       Knit Stitch
ÿ       Purl Stitch
ÿ       Colorwork

o   Recorder Bag

ÿ       Increase/Decrease
o   Clothing or Large Doll

ÿ       Knitting in the Round
o   Socks or Mitts


ÿ       Chain Stitch
ÿ       Single Crochet
ÿ       Additional Stitches
o   Washcloth or Hat

Embroidery/Cross Stitch
ÿ       Cross Stitch
o   Bookmark or Glasses Case
ÿ       Embroidery
o   Project Bag
o   Pillow

ÿ       Running Stitch
o   Project Bag
ÿ       Overstitch
o   Animals or Dolls

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